The clock is ticking - When do I start the company handover?

The company handover: when is the right time?

To the point: Please take your time! The company that has been built up with a lot of heart and soul over many years has not only a financial value but also an ideal value and very often the sale of the company becomes a highly emotional affair. That is why it is all the more important that you proceed carefully with the transfer of the company. In this way you create security for a successful continuation. You receive an appropriate price and can look to the future with peace of mind!

How long does my company handover take now

From my many years of practice, I can counter a common opinion! Finding a potential buyer is not the difficulty! The greater challenge is to ensure an orderly, secure overall process in which the ideas of the seller and transferor are taken into account to the greatest possible extent!

The procedure

We distinguish between 4 phases in the transfer of a company. Starting with the preparation phase, then the search for a buyer, then the negotiation phase and finally the phase of drawing up the contract. Very often, the external support of the merger is named as a separate phase of the transformation.

None of these stages is more or less important ? and all of them need your time. Based on our experience of more than 700 succession assistance projects, we reckon with 14 to 16 months if the entire process is also well accompanied. And we also know from experience that it takes time for the transferors to reconsider their own situation again and again. We call this the art of letting go.

Michael Feier "With all our experience: the right time to hand over a company is when the transferors are ready to let go."


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