The missi­on state­ment. Our values in daily interaction

CORE ? Compa­ny Succes­si­on. More successful. ? was founded in 2004 as a consul­ting compa­ny. The background was the founder’s own experi­ence in his own family business. In 15 years of practi­cal experi­ence of genera­tio­nal change and the purcha­se and sale of compa­nies, the mista­kes and succes­ses led to the subse­quent founding of KERN.

The prere­qui­si­te, even before the founda­ti­on, was a stable set of values for future work both intern­al­ly and extern­al­ly. On this basis of a missi­on state­ment, KERN has contin­ued to develop successful­ly over the years and is today nation­wi­de as well as in Switz­er­land, Poland and Austria, the Leading consul­ting brand in the segment of corpo­ra­te succes­si­on (M&A) for family businesses.

Exclu­si­ve­ly with this focus, KERN advises on many locati­ons in the D-A-CH ? region as well as Poland, the purcha­se and sale (M&A) of compa­nies in the SME sector or accom­pa­nies intra-family genera­tio­nal change processes.

 KERN is free and independent.

In spring 2016, we reori­en­ted our joint missi­on state­ment in a workshop with all partners and locati­ons. This resul­ted in a clear vision and missi­on as well as seven important guiding principles.

By the way, good advice is not expen­si­ve, but worse price­l­ess. Our fees are trans­pa­rent, perfor­mance-orien­ted, compre­hen­si­ble and free of unplea­sant surpri­ses. Every initi­al consul­ta­ti­on is free of charge, but not free of charge for you. You can decide at your leisu­re and without risk whether we are the right partner for you. 

By the way, we are the only M&A experts who can handle your compa­ny sale via a Special M&A guaran­tee insure. Without risk for you.

All employees, consul­tants and partners are commit­ted to the follo­wing guiding principles:

Vision and mission

We secure lifeworks and trans­fer values into the future. Worldwide.

Our missi­on for our clients: We shape compa­ny succes­si­ons. More successful - at all levels.


Trust is our most valuable asset; it must be protec­ted and we are always aware of this in our daily actions.


Appre­cia­ti­on creates the prere­qui­si­te for successful coope­ra­ti­on. It is the basis for a cultu­re of trust and openness.


We do what we say and we say what we do. Integri­ty is a core value for us in our relati­onship with our custo­mers, our business partners and ourselves.


Experi­ence, exper­ti­se, commu­ni­ca­ti­on, criti­cal facul­ties and self-reflec­tion deter­mi­ne our success.


Speed, adherence to deadlines, accura­cy and effici­ent proces­ses make us a relia­ble partner and inspi­re our customers.


We develop sustainable soluti­ons taking into account the needs and interests of all stakeholders.

Lifel­ong learning

Lifel­ong learning is our guaran­tee for develo­p­ment. We thus ensure quali­ty leader­ship in our market segment.