The mission statement. Our values in daily interaction

CORE ? Company Succession. More successful. ? was founded in 2004 as a consulting company. The background was the founder's own experience in his own family business. In 15 years of practical experience of generational change and the purchase and sale of companies, the mistakes and successes led to the subsequent founding of KERN.

The prerequisite, even before the foundation, was a stable set of values for future work both internally and externally. On this basis of a mission statement, KERN has continued to develop successfully over the years and is today nationwide as well as in Switzerland, Poland and Austria, the Leading consulting brand in the segment of corporate succession (M&A) for family businesses.

Exclusively with this focus, KERN advises on many locations in the D-A-CH ? region as well as Poland, the purchase and sale (M&A) of companies in the SME sector or accompanies intra-family generational change processes.

 KERN is free and independent.

In spring 2016, we reoriented our joint mission statement in a workshop with all partners and locations. This resulted in a clear vision and mission as well as seven important guiding principles.

By the way, good advice is not expensive, but worse priceless. Our fees are transparent, performance-oriented, comprehensible and free of unpleasant surprises. Every initial consultation is free of charge, but not free of charge for you. You can decide at your leisure and without risk whether we are the right partner for you. 

By the way, we are the only M&A experts who can handle your company sale via a Special M&A guarantee insure. Without risk for you.

All employees, consultants and partners are committed to the following guiding principles:

Vision and mission

We secure lifeworks and transfer values into the future. Worldwide.

Our mission for our clients: We shape company successions. More successful - at all levels.


Trust is our most valuable asset; it must be protected and we are always aware of this in our daily actions.


Appreciation creates the prerequisite for successful cooperation. It is the basis for a culture of trust and openness.


We do what we say and we say what we do. Integrity is a core value for us in our relationship with our customers, our business partners and ourselves.


Experience, expertise, communication, critical faculties and self-reflection determine our success.


Speed, adherence to deadlines, accuracy and efficient processes make us a reliable partner and inspire our customers.


We develop sustainable solutions taking into account the needs and interests of all stakeholders.

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is our guarantee for development. We thus ensure quality leadership in our market segment.