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Formerly a family entrepreneur himself, today a specialist in corporate succession and founder of KERN ? he knows how difficult it is to take a step into the unknown and how much it can pay off.

Why this book? A completely different perspective

Company succession - the process knowledge

Perfect preparation for the handover of your business

You are handing your "baby" over to new hands. But how does an entrepreneur prepare for the handover of his company? What needs to be done? What are the key milestones and where are the typical stumbling blocks? Succession experts Ingo Claus and Nils Koerber from the consulting firm KERN accompany entrepreneurial families during the generation change or company sale and answer the most important questions about company succession in this book.

An appetite maker for entrepreneurship

Family businesses have always been the drivers of innovation and change. Companies in the SME sector as a concrete role model for a change in values. For a new way of thinking and acting without dependencies. How can the principle of personal responsibility be transferred to employees, organisations and society?

How freedom tastes

What readers and listeners of the KERN books say

Dr. Marcel Megerle, FamilyCultureStrategist, Managing Director of FUTUN: GmbH

"Just do it. Something that is in the blood of entrepreneurs. Something that our society needs. And something that you will succeed in (even better) after reading this book."

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