The dolphin. Special characteristics, transferable to business life

Why does KERN have the dolphin in its company logo?
Why is a dolphin a good fit for business succession?

1. flexibility

Seek solutions, constantly questioning themselves. When dolphins don't get what they want, they change their ways very quickly.

2. question

Dissociation and taking meta-positions in strategy development

3. toughness

Dolphins do not give up easily. Unless they see a benefit in it - in terms of a better solution.

4. winning

Dolphins enjoy winning. Their brain is capable of emotional feelings. Managers who act accordingly do not feel the need for someone else to lose.

5. cooperation

Dolphins work well with others, but also act competently on their own. Cooperating brings more in the aggregate than competing or independently seeking private advantage.

6. vision

Visions of one's own path, of the team's goal or of the company's goal are the first thing to create identification with a goal.

7. elegance

Dolphins love precise, clean and above all simple ? elegant ? solutions. solutions. Elegant negotiation means, for example, that the solution must lead to long-term satisfaction for both parties and make sense.

More interesting things in the book ?dolphin strategies? by Dudley Lynch and Paul Kordis (can be ordered under ISBN number 3-89459-009-2 / Businessbook of the year in the USA). Here, by the way, you will also find the list of all dolphin characteristics on page 289 ff.

And KERN has been an active supporting member of the Society to Save the Dolphins for years.

The Society for the Rescue of Dolphins (Gesellschaft zur Rettung der Dolphine e.V.) campaigns worldwide for wild dolphins, the protection of their habitats, for sustainability, marine conservation, gentle dolphin tourism and against dolphinaria.

Further, general information about dolphins can be found in a documentation > here