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Company Succession Academy

Effective further training and qualification

Under the umbrella of our virtual academy, we offer you throughout the DACH region selected Speakers, coaches and specialists for the topics of company sale (M&A), generation change and company acquisition.

Experienced practitioners from our large circle of partners, with expertise in the respective topics, design your desired format. We are also happy to work in teams with external professionals as a useful supplement and optimal input for your knowledge needs.

Whether ?in-house? on site at your company or at interesting and centrally located locations in the form of open offers. Our CORE ? ACADEMY concept offers you Further education and qualification on all questions of business succession.

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Knowledge transfer for business succession

High-quality lectures, workshops, seminars and trainings ? online and offline

What is your desired topic? Here you can find our seminar information as a PDF download:

Conflict resolution

Whether in the family or in the business. This offer also applies to the process of business succession.

Emergency case planning

How do I prepare my family and my company for Day X? (regardless of age)

Mission statement development

What are alternatives to classic bank financing? How can I facilitate the purchase or sale of a company with individual financing?

Enterprise value

Which "adjusting screws" are important for the valuation and what does this mean for my company?

Corporate finance

What are alternatives to classic bank financing? How can I facilitate the purchase or sale of a company with individual financing?

Generation change

What can business families do to successfully manage a generational change? How does this important task of succession succeed?

Corporate culture and vision

Find the ?inner? Values of your company and make them visible. Your unique selling points for the process of a company succession.

1x1 of company succession (M&A)

Preparation and implementation for the sale of a family business.

Entrepreneur at last (M&A)

How do I find the right company for me? Special knowledge for MBI and MBO or strategic investors.

What comes next?

The burden or pleasure of the new phase of life. Visioning for handovers.

Growth through acquisition (M&A)

How can SMEs grow inorganically and prepare strategically for this?

MeinSTABWECHSEL - Clarity for decision-makers on business succession

A personality seminar for transferors and/or transferees. Decision-making and clarity before the actual start of a succession process.