General terms and conditions

Note on the use of GTC in Germa­ny, Austria and Switzerland


On the basis of trust, trans­pa­ren­cy and clari­ty, we refrain from the additio­nal use of GTCs in Germa­ny, Austria and Switzerland.

In our view, the laws suffi­ci­ent­ly regula­te all important standards for cooperation.

We want to make it as easy and compre­hen­si­ble as possi­ble for our custo­mers to work with us.


Additio­nal infor­ma­ti­on about all KERN partners on this homepage: 

We are an adviso­ry group in which all partners and locati­ons are legal­ly indepen­dent be operated.

We are there­fo­re express­ly not a partner­ship in the sense of the German legal concep­ti­on. A joint and several

Liabi­li­ty is general­ly excluded.