Gender Correct­ness

At this point a word on gender correctness

All partners, advisors and employees of KERN (and as everyo­ne who works or has worked with us knows) firmly belie­ve that only with the help and power of women will we bring about social change. Together.

We need the femini­ne as well as the mascu­li­ne princi­ple of action to achie­ve real trans­for­ma­ti­on. We need as much diver­si­ty as possi­ble anyway to gain new perspec­ti­ves on complex tasks. That is why we at KERN are parti­cu­lar­ly pleased about the female visitors to our website, even if we do not menti­on and address them separa­te­ly throug­hout the text, but (in keeping with the general German usage) use the mascu­li­ne spelling in the text of the page. We have delibera­te­ly chosen this for the sake of reada­bili­ty. When visiting a homepage, it is a matter of a fraction of a second of quick compre­hen­si­on and a separa­te spelling could be a hindrance to this.

Final­ly, we would like to empha­sise that especi­al­ly in business succes­si­on, the importance of women must defini­te­ly grow, becau­se other­wi­se the demogra­phic problem will have a much sharper impact.