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Gender Correctness

At this point a word on gender correctness

All partners of KERN (and as everyone knows who works or has worked with us) firmly believe that only with the help and power of women will we bring about social change. We need the feminine principle of action as much as the masculine principle of action to achieve real transformation. We need as much diversity as possible anyway in order to gain new perspectives on complex tasks. That is why we at KERN are particularly pleased about the female visitors to our website, even if we do not mention and address them separately throughout the text, but (in keeping with the general German usage) use the masculine spelling in the text of the page. We have deliberately chosen this for the sake of readability. When visiting a homepage, it is a matter of a fraction of a second of quick comprehension and a separate spelling could be a hindrance to this.

Finally, we would like to emphasise that especially in business succession, the importance of women must definitely grow, because otherwise the demographic problem will have a much sharper impact.