How to increase the value of your business and prepare for business succession

With the support of artificial intelligence, we optimise your business ideas.

Identify and develop real unique selling points

Identify and eliminate weaknesses in the business model

Concrete measures for significant increases in turnover and profit


Is your business model future-proof?

As an entrepreneur, you have done everything right: Your business not only defies crises, but is excellently positioned in the market and is also growing sustainably - but how do you compensate for the uncertainty factors of the future?

Are you and your employees prepared for the challenges of the future? Which immediate Will the impending shortage of skilled workers, advancing digitalisation and increased climate protection requirements have an impact on your company?

And: Do you know exactly where the sustainable value enhancement potentials of your company lie?

KERN Business Succession. provides you with an inventory of your current business model compared to thousands of other companies around the world with the support of artificial intelligence.

Based on the individual strengths and weaknesses of your business model, we will provide you with immediate, concrete impulses and suggestions on how to sustainably increase your turnover and profitability.

Future-proof your business model and increase the value of your company for a planned company sale.


An efficient & trustful process

Conduct a confidential analysis meeting with our KERN business model optimisation experts online or on-site.

Within a few days you will receive from us a concrete analysis of your individual business model positioning with immediately implementable recommendations for action to increase the efficiency of your company value.

In a joint and confidential exchange, we examine the extent to which an individual business model optimisation can be an intra-family solution. Generation change or a planned Company sale can have a positive and lasting influence. 


Systematically shaping your future

Our KERN experts for business modelling work with fundamental methods of business model and product development, which are based on the analysis of the competition and the data. The larger the analysed database, the more valid the forecast. And that is exactly what the Use of AI ? it significantly facilitates the analysis of very large amounts of data and the subsequent development process. The strategy recommendations developed as a result of this process become significantly more robust and effective due to the broader data base. Thus, business model development, which is often driven by experience and gut feeling, receives a broad data-based foundation.

In addition, the KERN approach to corporate development still offers three decisive advantages:

Flexibility: This exclusive process, previously only used by large, globally active groups, has now also been adapted to the requirements of small and medium-sized family businesses.

Appropriate budget orientation: The budget to further develop existing business models or to open up completely new business areas in times of radical changes in the environment is tailored to the needs of family businesses.

Practical relevance and multiple applicability: The result of this development process is not just presentations or dossiers that explain theoretically what you could do better based on extensive data, figures and facts. Rather, you will receive concrete, realisable suggestions and ideas on how to eliminate weaknesses in your business model and open up new business areas. This applies to business models in the consumer market as well as to the B2B sector.

Our promise: The further development of their business model is not an expensive and lengthy process. The risks are significantly lower than when awarding expensive strategy consulting mandates, because our KERN business succession process, supported by artificial intelligence, is up to ten times faster and significantly more cost-effective than standard market approaches to business model optimisation.


Case study

A craftsman manufacturer of ventilation technology for agriculture and industry is challenged by current industry developments. Saving energy and reducing CO² emissions are just two key buzzwords for the future. Together with KERN, the company reviewed its current positioning and added key unique selling points to its business model as part of the subsequent strategy process. With the start of implementation, the company launched a publicly funded innovation process that made the product and service portfolio unique, improved the quality of internal processes and opened up new customer groups and sales channels.

... how important your topics are and that you were very convincing as a speaker.

Thank you very much for your presentation at our conference. The unanimously positive feedback from the 150 members of the audience confirmed how important your topics are and that you were very convincing as a speaker from KERN.

Lothar Sand , German Publishers and Booksellers Association

Especially the seriousness and professionalism gave me a secure feeling at all times

My pre-selection decision to 100% proved to be the right one. KERN did a really good job from the preparation of my company in an exposé, to the search for buyers, to the facilitation of negotiations and the complete implementation of my succession. In particular, the seriousness and professionalism gave me a secure feeling at all times. Our goal was successfully achieved in a good 8 months. I am happy to recommend KERN to others.

G.O.K., entrepreneur from Hamburg , Service provider with own branch locations

Speed impressive, form always appropriate to the situation, behaviour honest ...

I would like to thank you very much for your support during the sale of the company. The speed was impressive, the form always appropriate to the situation, the behaviour honest and unpretentious ? it couldn't have been better! Thanks to your support, we were able to conclude this project satisfactorily for all of us.

C.K., entrepreneur from the Weser-Ems region , Production company and trading company

... are surprised what great energies have been released in all of us

Change also means dealing with the culture, the goals, the responsibilities and the "rules of the game" in a company. With KERN, we have embarked on the exciting path of creating our own individual corporate philosophy and have been surprised at the great energies that have been released in all of us. For the benefit of our customers, employees and the entire company. Thanks to KERN for the targeted and professional moderation and development.

G-O.B, entrepreneur from Koblenz , Dealers and service providers in the hardware and software sector

Professional and reliable until successful completion

Especially in the difficult phases, my advisor closed the gaps and paved the way for a further negotiation.
Everything was professional and reliable, meetings outside normal business hours were possible at any time.
Professionally, I feel comprehensive and in good hands, the successful conclusion is an expression of KERN competence!


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  • from the mistakes of other market participants and how to avoid expensive bad investments,
  • Based on an analysis of your company's competitive positioning, how you can successfully develop your business model with suggestions that can be implemented immediately.
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