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The only M&A SUCCESS GUARANTEE for your company sale without risk

The sale of your business is of utmost importance to you. With which advisor are you in the best hands? With the unique KERN M&A SUCCESS GUARANTEE you get your money back,

if we do not succeed in selling your company.

Secure the sale of your life's work at 100%.

The first and only M&A guarantee for your company sale

KERN, as an excellent consulting brand for family businesses, exclusively guarantees the sale of your business through its legally independent partner within a maximum of 24 months.

Transferring your company's life's work into the future and selling it successfully is a unique process. The risks and challenges in the tax, economic, legal and emotional areas are enormous.

Trust the long-standing consulting brand for business succession in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Honoured with the German Brand Award 2021 and many other recognitions as the best advisors.

We guarantee you exclusive access via the legally independent KERN site, within a maximum of 24 months (from the start of sales), the successful sale of your business. If we do not achieve this and you wish to terminate the cooperation after this period, you will be reimbursed by us for all upfront costs of the planned transaction (with the exception of the valuation report). Promised and guaranteed.

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Do these conditions apply to your project?

  • We prepare a value appraisal in accordance with the recognised standard IDWS1 (Institute of German Certified Public Accountants). This Business valuation itself is independent of the warranty. It is the basis for the warranty and an order acceptance by KERN.
  • Joint agreement between seller and KERN consultant on a minimum price that should be achieved. Your company should be able to show a stable and good earnings situation in the past and in the future.
  • Your company has generated an average profit of at least 300,000 EUR/CHF before taxes and depreciation in the last 3 business years (after payment of a realistic entrepreneurial/GF salary).
  • Correct and comprehensive information from the seller about the economic, legal and tax data of the company from the beginning to the end of the transaction
  • Unrestricted monitoring of all discussions by and with the commissioned KERN expert
  • Timely provision of necessary information in the transaction process and punctual settlement of invoices.
  • Deteriorations in revenue and profit of more than 5% in the current sales process may require an adjustment of the sales price in joint consultation.
  • In the event of termination of the contract by the seller, before the expiry of the warranty period, any claim shall expire.

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Check together with us, the first and exclusive M&A success guarantee from KERN for the sale of your life's work.

Get 100% assurance for this important decision.

Secure your Company sale with the unique KERN M&A success guarantee!