The story behind the succession specialists

KERN has evolved from the own experiences of a family business

KERN founder Nils Koerber comes from a medium-sized company in Bremen and, in 15 years of family entrepreneurship, has gathered a wide range of personal experience in all fields of business succession.

In connection with his parents and siblings, the family has experienced all the ?stumbling blocks? in the economic, legal, fiscal and emotional sense themselves and experienced them in real terms in the generation change, the sale and purchase of companies.

These experiences were the reason why Nils Koerber founded KERN in 2004 as a specialised management consultancy and still focuses on three segments for family businesses and SMEs today:

  • Company sale (M & A)
  • Generation change
  • Company acquisition

By focusing exclusively on business succession, the KERN consulting group can now solve in depth all the questions and tasks that are important in these important concerns.

KERN's culture is characterised by the Hanseatic business spirit of its founder. Internally and externally, this means that all partners, consultants and employees at KERN implement a high standard of integrity on a daily basis. And for KERN, integrity means - I say what I do and I do what I say. 

Every partner at KERN has diverse, personal life experiences with the topic of business succession. Combined with the attitude that the important values of a family business are transferred into the future in a mindful, appreciative and professional manner. 

For the benefit of the transferor, the transferee, the employees and the company itself.

With their broad expertise, Nils Koerber and his team of partners guide clients through all the tasks of a company succession. Whether as consultant, coach, mediator or keynote speaker in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Nils Koerber himself is also, among other things, the book author of "The art of letting go? or "What freedom tastes like" a.o.

With over 30 legally independent locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, KERN is now one of the best and largest specialist consultancies for SMEs and has already won several awards in competitions for the high quality of its work.

Among other things, KERN is a certified member of the BDU (Association of German Management Consultants), a cooperation partner of many banks and savings banks as well as Official member of the expert panel of the German Entrepreneur's Exchange for Corporate Values.

KERN is the consulting brand for corporate succession in family businesses. Awarded as the first M&A consultancy with the GERMAN-BRAND-AWARD 2021.

Please contact us at contact Nils Koerber directly or get in touch with him at LOCATIONS to a KERN specialist in your direct, regional vicinity.

PS: Incidentally, the name KERN was historically derived from the first letters of the founders' family names: Rüdiger Ehlers and Nils Koerber (the subjective mixture of the four letters then resulted in KERN).

Why choose KERN for business succession (M&A)? Who is the core behind KERN?

The core behind KERN: Family photo from the seventies. Parents and siblings of the founder of KERN. By the way, Nils Koerber is the boy in the blue rain jacket?

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