The emergency plan is your 360° service for the continuation of your business

If you suddenly become unavailable as a boss, we make the world of companies safer!

Ensure the continuity of the company

Tailor-made emergency concepts

Safe, reliable, with system


The emergency plan concept

What happens to and in your family and your company if you drop out overnight? Are your family members, your employees and the structure of your company prepared for this?

Are all powers of attorney, regulations and dispositions up to date with the legal framework? Does each of your deputies know exactly what they have to do? It can happen to anyone, every day and at any age. With specialists, we offer you the perfect 360-degree solution for all family and company needs in the event of an emergency.

Once developed, everything is continuously adjusted and controlled together with you. State-of-the-art technology secures your preparations and at the same time provides 24/7 immediate access in case of emergency.


The efficient process with experts

Our specialists for emergency concepts develop your tailor-made emergency plan with you and your relatives online or on site. Taking into account your individual situation in the private and professional sphere. Legal, fiscal, economic and emotional aspects are confidentially exchanged in a safe framework and integrated into a perfect emergency plan for you. The promise: The creation and implementation run like Swiss clockwork. Highly effective and efficient at the same time.

With experts who have been focused only on this task for entrepreneurs and companies every day for many years. 


The all-round carefree service with a system

In one day, our specialists will work with you to develop the entire framework for your emergency plan. By the way, banks also reward professional provision with better interest rates. You will receive a separate certificate as proof of this.

Then all the building blocks are cast into the right shape and coordinated with you down to the last detail. If desired, at a fixed price and with transparent proof of expenditure.Your relatives are introduced to the system and digitally you have the desired access at any time. Optionally, for a small flat fee, you receive ongoing monitoring, adaptation to new laws or changes in your professional and personal life situation.

All-round protection that lets you look to the future with confidence.

A must for every responsible entrepreneurial family!

We were very happy to have the specialists guide us through the process of creating our emergency plan. The well-considered choice of the right trusted persons as representatives for the family and company areas was particularly important for us. We greatly appreciated the comprehensive and personalised advice tailored to our own situation. A must for every responsible entrepreneurial family!

Christoph Auer , Partner, Auer + Auer Architektenbüro

We would be happy to recommend KERN!

With the birth of our daughter, it was very important for us to take care of our emergency planning for the family and the business. The emergency kit expert supported us perfectly in this. The many practical examples of our emergency advisor helped us personally a lot to make the right decisions for our emergency plan. We created our emergency plan in less than a day: for us as a business family, this was very efficient. We are happy to recommend this specialist!

J. Hafner , Entrepreneurial woman, carpentry Holzbau Rieger

This is a recommendation to all!

As an entrepreneur, I have to plan my time very efficiently. That is why I decided to prepare my company emergency concept via video conference. All points were very well prepared and we worked on the relevant documents and aspects together on the screen in an extraordinarily time-saving way. This is a recommendation to everyone who, like me, wants to have this important topic done quickly without travel time.

Sven Dechant , Managing Director, DECHANT Representations

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Check carefully how well your company is covered in the event of your failure? These most important situations from everyday business life also apply to you! Which important powers of attorney do you need? This depends on your type of company and shareholder structure!

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