The KERN Business Succession Study 2017

Lack of successors threatens family businesses. The number of business successions is increasing dramatically in all IHK districts.

Germany's business community is ageing rapidly: In just five years Three out of five entrepreneurs be well over 55 years old. This is the result of a nationwide study by CORE ? Company Succession. Successful.

The study on generational change in companies confirms the pressure on family entrepreneurs in Germany to act.

In a nationwide study, KERN currently analysed all 79 IHK districts in the relevant age and turnover classes on the development of business succession up to 2022. In the process A total of 564,443 companies in the turnover classes from 250,000 euros to 5 million euros as well as firms with up to 50 million euros in turnover were included. In the consideration of the selected companies, data from almost 500,000 companies with less than 5 million euros in annual turnover and a further 65,000 companies with more than 5 million euros in annual turnover were thus included in the study.

60% of all family business owners face the question of succession in 5 years' time

Furthermore, the managing directors/shareholders were expanded in three age groups analysed:

? 50 ? 54 years
? 55 ? 64 years
? over 65 years.

CORE has all 79 chamber districts Individually analysed. For this purpose, the company data were also subdivided according to their industries and thus give a previously unknown Detailed insight into the succession facts of the respective industry.

It is important to understand that in the German Mittelstand, more than 90 % of family businesses are less than 25 employees and have a turnover of less than 5 million euros? Nils Koerber, founder of KERN ? Company Succession. More successful.

KERN partner Ingo Claus The preparation of the company data shows us that in the chamber districts in Germany, in only five years, i.e. 2022, more than 60 % of owners and managers are approaching the age of 60 or will be older?

This age development in family businesses often goes hand in hand with an Investment backlog and a dangerous loss of substance, warn the experts at KERN. Depending on their personal state of health, within a few years the majority of German family businesses will fall into the urgent decision-making processThe succession plan must be reliable and future-oriented. As the low-birth-rate cohorts follow, in addition to the Qualification of successor personalities to a quantitative bottleneck and thus a significant Risk in the succession plan of family businesses.

Well-prepared business succession is a success factor.

Where are the successor entrepreneurs supposed to come from?", Ingo Claus points out. Time for the search and a professional preparation From the point of view of succession specialists, the be-all and end-all for success in this existential question, with which Millions of jobs a success factor that is also extremely relevant for the national economy. The succession plan is therefore ultimately a question of fate for the further development of a company. Development of economic power of the Federal Republic of Germany?, says Koerber, who is also increasingly faced with advisory mandates where succession is no longer economically feasible due to ageing and a loss of substance.

The exact Individual data of the respective chamber districts in Germany can be obtained from the lower Map take out.

You can find the large succession study Germany 2020 >here

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