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Project Henniss Surgery

Henniss Surgery - Company sale

About the company 

The company was founded in 1963 by Fritz Henniss was founded and initially made a name for itself as a manufacturer of hand drills and electric blood centrifuges in Tuttlingen. Mainly producese the company in the field of orthopaedics. The sons of the company founder gradually succeeded to the company and expanded the business.The business activities were expanded to include the Production and manufacture of surgical instruments. At the time of the sale, the company was owned by Mr Marcel Marusits. Today, the focus is on trading in good surgical instruments for the whole world.  

The company enjoys around the globe an excellent reputation. In the years that have now passed since 55 years have passed lasting customer relationships on all continents formed that focus on quality, service and reliability. the Henniss Products build.  

The task 

The project included sales preparation, buyer search and approach as well as organisation and moderation of the entire sales process. The challenge in this project was the Circumstancethat it was a sole proprietorship that worked for Many MBI candidates not attractive enough appeared. In parallel, the owner was during the sales process strongly in another company dedicatedwhich gives him the time to cope with the double workload. Very heavily stressedNevertheless, the project to only 5 months successfully completed.  

What the client says about the project

Marcel Marusits

?We were with Mr. André from the company KERN extremely satisfied. In particular, we were impressed by his and its expertise in the successionrsearch for our Family business helped a lot. We were always proactively informed and could also in difficult negotiating situations to a  Trust solution by Mr André and Recommend Mr André therefore warmly more.? 

About the buyer

At 02.06.2020 acquired a young entrepreneurial team, by means of Newly foundedr Acquiring Company,  das sole proprietorship in the Rframe of a Asset Deals. The youngn Acquirers already have stakes in a wide variety of companies and generate high synergy potential with the acquisition and expansion of the company.