The Important Exposé ? Inform now l CORE

The exposé

An exposé ? also Information Memorandum is an important document for presenting all the important information about your company in an attractive way for the initial assessment by a potential buyer. In addition to information on the business model and products or services, it also contains information on the history, employees, organisation and, of course, finances.

An important building block for arousing interest

A good, informative exposé is an important building block for approaching prospective buyers and at the same time helps to arouse interest in your business. How can I get a potential buyer interested in my business? What distinguishes my company and what makes them attractive? These points need to be clearly worked out and carefully documented. This also includes professional photos, for example of the products or the company building.

First the confidentiality agreement, then the exposé

The exposé is only made available to selected and pre-screened prospective buyers after they have signed a confidentiality agreement. As the seller, you always decide on a case-by-case basis who may view your exposé. In addition, an anonymous short profile of the company is created in advance for the exposé. This serves as a direct initial contact with interested parties and protects your company from being identified by potential buyers. This procedure ensures that confidential information is kept as secret as possible.