Company succession: The process knowledge for the generation change
Company succession: The process knowledge

Newly published: Company Succession: The Process Knowledge

What do Playmobil and Haribo have in common? Why did sweet and salty go their separate ways with the Hanoverian biscuit dynasty Bahlsen? What are Anton Schlecker's children doing today? ? When well-known family businesses fail because of the question of succession, we eventually read about it in the newspapers. Not only in the tabloids, but also in the business section. Because successful company successions are vital for the future of small and medium-sized businesses in German-speaking countries. In short, three out of five entrepreneurs will be well over 55 years old by 2025.

Status Quo

The The baby boomer generation is entering retirement age. In the next few years, many successful companies whose founders were born between 1955 and 1965 will be handed over. Family businesses are the backbone of the economy. They are the most important employers in the region and the engine of innovation and prosperity. This applies to Germany as well as to Austria and Switzerland. Successful company handovers are therefore the key to the economic future of SMEs.

Company succession: The process knowledge easy to understand

How can a Company succession or a Company sale succeed? This question in all its facets is addressed in the new book by Ingo Claus and Nils Koerber to the bottom. The two authors have been working for family businesses for over 25 years and are themselves entrepreneurs and trained mediators. They know that the success of a business handover or a company sale does not only depend on factual issues. The Calculation of the enterprise value, tax or even legal aspects are undoubtedly important.

The examples of Playmobil, Haribo and Bahlsen, however, make it clear how decisive soft factors are for the success of a company handover. If communication is not right in an intra-family succession, it will fail. Those who do not have plans for a fulfilled life in retirement in addition to their work in the family business will find it difficult to let go of the day-to-day business in the company.

Worksheets and checklists facilitate generational change

Step by step and illustrated with numerous examples from their daily practice as business succession advisors, the two authors explain how to make a company fit for the intra-family Handover or the sale of the company will. Written in an entertaining and easy-to-understand manner, "Business Succession: The Process Knowledge" offers first-class know-how and competent orientation on the complex topic of business succession in 23 chapters. It is thus the first guidebook to comprehensively analyse and explain the emotional aspects of handing over one's own business.

In addition, the practical handbook offers concrete assistance on all important topics. Worksheets and checklists make highly complex contexts manageable and help to take the first steps on the way from successful entrepreneur to happy private person. A valuable guide not only for entrepreneurial families but also for bankers, tax consultants and lawyers ? in short, for everyone who works with family businesses.

Company succession: The process knowledge
Nils Koerber and Ingo Claus with their new book: Corporate Succession: The Process Knowledge

Where can I get the new book?

Company Succession: The Process Knowledge" is published by the renowned academic publisher Vanderhoek & Ruprecht. The book is available as printed version, as E-Book and as Podcast.

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