KERN podcast on business succession: By and for entrepreneurs!
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KERN podcast on business succession

KERN Podcast Business Succession: For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

Expand your knowledge about business succession: free of charge, flexible and with pricked ears! Our KERN succession consultant Jörn Greve from the Hanover office recommends the Podcast treasure trove of knowledge on business succession ? and not just for the stressed and in a hurry.

Every day, entrepreneurs give their all: their business not only defies crises, but is also excellently positioned on the market and is growing sustainably ? But themselves Knowledge about the complex topic of a successful company succession, but you don't have the time?

Jörn Greve

Jörn Greve, authorised signatory and managing director in the construction industry for many years as well as KERN partner at the Hanover location, smiles at this statement. That's probably more of a commonplace. With a view to seasoned owners, company directors and their entrepreneurial responsibility, he calls for more interest and foresight for ?everything? that is to come in the future. In our practice, we unfortunately often experience that the complexity and duration of a successful company succession are underestimated," says Greve and continues, "the consequences of not dealing with this important topic can be drastic and tie up valuable resources at a later point in time ? to the detriment of all involved.

There are many ways to approach the subject, but he has a special recommendation for time-pressed people:

Use the KERN Podcast Business Succession !

With the Business Succession Podcast, you benefit from the concentrated practical knowledge and experience of our long-standing KERN partners. Select the podcast of your choice free of charge and listen to it on the go or when you have the time. Each of our contributions provides practical impetus and valuable suggestions for preparing your succession?

Broad thematic selection

The KERN podcast Business Succession offers a comprehensive range of topics and continues to grow. Here is a small selection of the contributions provided:

  • Banks and business plans
  • Transaction financing
  • Inheritance contract regulations
  • Important tips for succession preparation
  • Advisory board in family businesses
  • Cooperative models
  • Successor personalities: MBI & MBO
  • Corona Update ? Effects on the succession
  • As well as many other practical examples and knowledge on the sale of companies

In addition, every week you can expect a new episode of this year's soundtrack for free. New book releases from KERN partners. With ?How does freedom taste? by Nils Koerber and ?Company succession: The process knowledge? by Nils Koerber and Ingo Claus and the standard work for transferors ?Company succession: The art of letting go? also by Nils Koerber, listeners not only get a lot of interesting information but also exciting entertainment for free.

Jörn Greve is certain: "Whether or not Company sale, M&A or Company acquisition? ? our KERN podcast Business Succession is a knowledge database set to music that offers valuable starting points for any interested entrepreneur with a tight time budget, Tips and Inspiration offers.

How does it work?

All you need to listen is a smartphone, or a computer at home, or a WLAN radio, or smart speakers, or an internet-enabled TV. Use the search function to access the KERN Business Succession Podcast and either play it live or download it to listen to at a later time.

You can find the KERN podcast Company Succession here:

  1. Directly on our Website
  2. Apple users at Apple Podcasts
  3. Android users at Google Podcasts and
  4. At Spotify

For all further questions regarding the timely preparation of your company sale, please feel free to contact us by phone at: +49 511 - 307 - 5670 or by e-mail to: [email protected]

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