PARTSLIFE GmbH - Company acquisition

Partslife GmbH

About the company 

The PARTSLIFE GmbH was founded in 1995 as an industry solution in the automotive market 'by the industry ? for the industry'. The aim was to prevent even stricter legislation on the legally compliant disposal of workshop waste with a voluntary commitment.

In the meantime, more than 70 strong brands and more than 10,000 independent garages have joined the recognised industry system. 31 renowned shareholders, all leaders in the automotive sector, support and act responsibly in the spirit of this strong community.

Over the years, the company has acquired a market share of over 90 % among independent motor vehicle ? workshops in Germany. From an original licensing model, an extensive catalogue of services has developed that is offered to the contract partners.

The task 

In order to keep PARTSLIFE GmbH on course for further growth, a Company acquisition and commissioned KERN - Unternehmensnachfolge to look for investment opportunities in three different sectors.

As part of a target scouting process, KERN drew up a list of more than 50 potential target companies for the occupational health and safety consulting division, among others.

The targeted approach of several favoured companies ultimately led to the takeover of eskorte consulting GmbH in Tönisvorst.

What the client says about the project

Wolfgang Steube

With Klaus-Christian Knuffmann from KERN ? Unternehmensnachfolge, I had a competent entrepreneur and expert at my side at all times. Without the specialists from KERN, we would never have found such a large selection of suitable companies to take over in our favourite sectors.

It was only through Mr Knuffmann's specific approach to suitable companies that we succeeded in finding a long-term partner for PARTSLIFE GmbH in Mr Werner Kremer and his company, which gives us further prospects for growth.?

About the seller

eskorte consulting GmbH was founded in 1992 by Mr Werner Kremer. For almost three decades, the company has specialised in providing occupational health and safety advice, as well as occupational health advice, and developing fire protection concepts in a wide range of industries.

eskorte consulting GmbH serves everything from large-scale retail to senior citizen and care facilities to larger construction projects and also car repair shops. Ultimately, this diversity of sectors convinced Mr Wolfgang Steube from PARTSLIFE GmbH.

For Mr Werner Kremer, the sale to PARTSLIFE GmbH was an opportunity to find a reliable partner for his company and to secure his company succession in a responsible manner.

Partslife GmbH not only ensures the continued employment of eskorte consulting GmbH staff. Rather, the existing concepts, which have been tried and tested for years, could also be successively integrated into the area of car workshops of PARTSLIFE GmbH.

Mr Werner Kremer also supported PARTSLIFE GmbH in an advisory capacity for several years.