Consulting VS. Coaching | CORE

Counselling or coaching. Two approaches, one goal.

Analyse and point out solutions 

We advise you with our experience and professionalism from several hundred succession solutions. You benefit from our practical experience and proven success. As consultants, we analyse your situation and show you new solutions. If you wish, we can also provide you with concrete support throughout the implementation of the desired measures. You benefit from our expert knowledge and thus save time and expensive mistakes.

Ask questions to help you arrive at the best answer

In coaching, we take a 360-degree perspective for you and ask you the right questions in the field of business succession. In this way, you will find the solution that is right for you. In the sense of your company, your family and your goals. This creates clarity for you and a framework for decisions. Coaching with us is a professional expansion of your scope for thought and action. We are your sparring partner for clarifying your questions.

You will be accompanied by us in a solution-oriented and appreciative way on the way to your own customised solutions and expand your competence to act. Through our systemic approach to this process, you will gain an exceptionally high level of confidence for your implementation steps. KERN coaching is a voluntary counselling relationship. Your coaching with KERN always focuses on the goal, the solution and the potential.