In the family conference, everyone's needs are moderated towards a goal

Every generational change is different !

There is no "blueprint" or ready-made standard for an intra-family generational change in a family business. Every generational change is different and is primarily shaped by people. Sometimes a desired generational change in a family business also results in an external sales process to a third party.

Silence is silver. Talk is gold.

The reversal of this winged proverb makes it clear what family businesses and a generational change are all about. Exchange and transparency. Clarity and commitment. These important parameters are the prerequisite for a long-term successful generational change. Everyone should know and be clear about what they want for their lives and make this transparent in exchange with all members of the system of a family business. This requires courage and transparency for each individual.

Time and patience is an important factor

A common understanding of values, the transparency of needs, the agreement of strategies for implementation - all this takes time and patience. From every family member. The history and future of a life's work cannot be clarified and transferred in a few hours. It is about a complex structure of emotional, economic, fiscal and legal aspects.

We are experienced facilitators and mediators. With solid and at the same time innovative "craftsmanship" of communication, we guide you safely and confidentially through the entire process. Often we are also the "interpreters" for optimal understanding between YOUNG and OLD.