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The decis­i­on-maker seminar for the sale of a compa­ny or genera­ti­on change

Your perso­nal concerns are 100% protected

With the support of our experi­en­ced succes­si­on specia­lists from KERN, you will learn where and how you can do something for yours­elf and the upcoming process.

You reflect on your own ’stumb­ling blocks’ that have preven­ted you from finding a soluti­on so far, and 

work out your goal of your very own perso­nal hando­ver or sales soluti­on. No matter whether you are looking for a buyer or would like to hand over your compa­ny within the family (without tax, econo­mic or legal content).

You do not have to disclo­se any confi­den­ti­al concerns if you wish, but are comple­te­ly protec­ted and secure­ly entrus­ted with your own issues.

Seminar dates at all KERN locati­ons in D-A-CH. Can also be booked as an online seminar.

Basel, Bayreuth, Berlin, Bremen, Eisen­ach, Essen, Frank­furt am Main, Freiburg i. Brsg., Graz, Hamburg, Hanover, Hamm, Ingol­stadt, Kaisers­lau­tern, Kiel, Cologne, Krefeld, Linz, Lucer­ne, Halle, Memmin­gen, Münster, Munich, Nurem­berg, Osnabrück, Rottweil, Saarbrü­cken, Schwe­rin, Stutt­gart, Vienna, Wiesba­den, Würzburg or Zurich.

Public dates (min. 5 parti­ci­pan­ts) with up to 12 parti­ci­pan­ts cost only 790.-- EUR/CHF net per person.

Alter­na­tively as an indivi­du­al appoint­ment and with your family on request for only 3,490 EUR/CHF net.

About your host

KERN partners are proven specia­lists on the topic of business succes­si­on and your perso­nal coaches in the seminar “MeinST­ABWECH­SEL”. This seminar offer has been develo­ped with experi­en­ced psycho­lo­gists, coaches and trainers for the prepa­ra­ti­on of succes­si­on proces­ses. The imple­men­ta­ti­on takes place OFFLINE or ONLINE.

Your valuable time is well invested

With your parti­ci­pa­ti­on in the seminar you will recei­ve the follo­wing extras:

126 questi­ons Check­list for the prepa­ra­ti­on of a business succession.

Money-back guaran­tee if you do not like the seminar

Expert guide with 200 pages of specia­li­sed knowledge on all issues relating to compa­ny succession.

MySTAB­WECH­SEL. Dates for the decis­i­on-maker seminar throug­hout the year at all KERN locati­ons in the D-A-CH region. On request also ONLINE at any time on several days.

Call direct­ly your Desired locati­on and arran­ge an indivi­du­al appoint­ment for your perso­nal one-day seminar. On site or ONLINE. Comple­te price incl. compre­hen­si­ve seminar documents net 3.490.- Euro plus VAT, incl. all additio­nal and travel­ling expen­ses or several online dates.

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Regis­tra­ti­on for the seminar on 20.09.2019

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