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M&A consul­ting with guaran­teed success

KERN ? our name stands for profes­sio­nal and indepen­dent consul­ting services in the field of mergers & acquisitions. 

Since 2004, we have been support­ing clients in the purcha­se as well as the sale of compa­nies. Our employees and locati­ons are guided by our missi­on state­ment, with the help of which we can Vision of an optimal Transac­tion consul­ting implement.

Last but not least, out of convic­tion for our services, we have a unique M&A Guaran­tee intro­du­ced. We guaran­tee you an optimal business sale. In the unlikely event that the transac­tion fails, you are cover­ed at 100 %.

Seal: Success guarantee for M&A consulting

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Defini­ti­on: Mergers & Acqui­si­ti­ons Meaning

Merger & Acqui­si­ti­on (M&A for short) is an Collec­ti­ve term for various transac­tions at compa­ny level. The German trans­la­ti­on “Mergers and Acqui­si­ti­ons” is not common. Other proces­ses are also conceiva­ble, such as business trans­fers, carve outs or spin offs, in which a business unit is spun off.

Although there is no obliga­ti­on for adviso­ry services at M&A proces­ses there are, lawyers, tax advisors or auditors are often used for the indivi­du­al phases of a profes­sio­nal transac­tion. In additi­on, experts with transac­tion experi­ence from consul­ting firms accom­pa­ny the planning and monito­ring of the entire process.

The field of activi­ty of an M&A consultancy

M&A advice can Cover all phases of a transac­tion. This begins with the appro­pria­te M&A strategy, conti­nues with the search for a buyer and extends to the signing of the contract.

But even at this point, the services of a consul­tancy firm’s M&A experts are not over: The hando­ver phase after the contract has been signed can bring with it pitfalls and problems in which an experi­en­ced partner can provi­de valuable assis­tance can.

In the follo­wing diagram you can see a rough overview of the flow of an M&A process.

Process graphic for the M&A process

1. M&A strategy

Parti­cu­lar importance must be attached to the M&A strategy. First and foremost are funda­men­tal questi­ons: At what point should a Compa­ny acqui­si­ti­on or sale take place? What are the reasons for selling a compa­ny? Which issues requi­re a parti­cu­lar­ly sensi­ti­ve approach?

Answe­ring such questi­ons requi­res knowledge about the client. Infor­ma­ti­ve conver­sa­ti­ons help to develop an appro­pria­te strategy that will M&A transac­tions with a positi­ve atmosphe­re for all parties.

2. M&A process

In a M&A process special atten­ti­on must be paid to each step. In this way, mista­kes can be made in the Business valua­ti­on affect all subse­quent steps. Diligence and thorough­ness are always a duty. Only with well-prepared sales documents can an effec­ti­ve buyer search take place.

As it is not compul­so­ry, the Letter of Intent a step that often does not recei­ve the neces­sa­ry atten­ti­on. This decla­ra­ti­on of intent Confirms the interest of both parties on a smooth transaction.

The Due Diligence is usual­ly initia­ted by the purcha­ser and descri­bes a careful exami­na­ti­on of the compa­ny before the purcha­se. Not only in name (due diligence means due diligence), the exami­na­ti­on should be compre­hen­si­ve and detail­ed in every relevant area of the compa­ny, so that negotia­ti­ons can take place on this basis.

Once the contract has been successful­ly signed, the final step is the hando­ver phase, which can extend over several years depen­ding on the indivi­du­al case and scope.

Image with link to the company value calculator

Exper­ti­se in a wide range of sectors

M&A Consulting Service Overview KERN

Many years of experi­ence pay off. You benefit from our exper­ti­se from successful M&A proces­ses of diffe­rent indus­tries, including:

  • Automo­bi­les
  • Construc­tion industry
  • Indus­try
  • Service
  • Electro­nics
  • Retail
  • Health­ca­re
  • Trade
  • Media
  • Techno­lo­gy
  • Trans­port and logistics

The voices of satis­fied custo­mers weigh more than our own words. There­fo­re, you are welco­me to see for yours­elf which positi­ve experi­en­ces that custo­mers have made in almost 20 years. successful mergers and acqui­si­ti­ons with us. We have clear­ly summa­ri­sed project examp­les, evalua­tions and custo­mer opini­ons for you.

KERN: Your M&A consul­tancy for medium-sized businesses

M&A transac­tions often give the impres­si­on that they are only relevant for large compa­nies. However, the follo­wing also apply to Compa­nies from the SME sector the same risks ? but fortu­na­te­ly also the same oppor­tu­ni­ties through profes­sio­nal advisors.

  • As the seller of your compa­ny, you are interes­ted in a smooth transac­tion as well as a reasonable sales price
  • As a buyer of a compa­ny, you want to know all the business figures, be infor­med about risks and also pay a fair price
  • In family businesses, heart and memories are in the business; often the Compa­ny succes­si­on maintain these values. This can also be reflec­ted in the subjec­ti­ve percep­ti­on of value during purcha­se price negotiations
  • The spin-off of a corpo­ra­te divisi­on can be an exciting topic, with a new, indepen­dent business unit emerging at the end of the process

Good reasons for our M&A manage­ment consultancy

The compli­ca­ted process of a successful M&A transac­tion requi­res experi­ence in all details. The adviso­ry services of our advisors are based on numerous satis­fied clients since 2004. Here, the follo­wing are Profes­sio­na­lism, integri­ty and relia­bi­li­ty are only examp­les of features that have convin­ced our customers.

Our missi­on state­ment also stipu­la­tes that we gain the trust of our custo­mers through appre­cia­ti­on and sustainable soluti­ons. We are long-term orien­ted and never stop learning.

What to look for when choosing profes­sio­nal M&A advice?

Graphic showing how to recognise professional M&A advice

If you want to advise, you have to show experi­ence. A relia­ble M&A consul­tancy should be able to present you with a solid wealth of experi­ence and prove it with convin­cing referen­ces. The right seals of approval also create securi­ty and trust.

As M&A advisors, we are members of associa­ti­ons such as theBDU ? Federal Associa­ti­on of German Manage­ment Consul­tants. You can get more infor­ma­ti­on here.

Past M&A transac­tions of KERN

Our services for profes­sio­nal M&A transac­tions are also convey­ed by our satis­fied clients.

Reference from an m&a management consultancy by KERN

hms sonosys­tems GmbH wanted a sale that would preser­ve jobs and long-standing custo­mer relati­onships. KERN accom­pa­nied this process and secured a Conti­nua­tion of the life’s work.

I was guided through the process by Mr Rehfuß in a very profes­sio­nal and far-sighted manner right from the start. I would like to empha­sise the wealth of experi­ence and techni­cal exper­ti­se in this context. Mr Rehfuß support­ed us compe­tent­ly and profes­sio­nal­ly with specia­list knowledge at every stage of the compa­ny takeover. The advice & support was important and helped us in all aspects in this very complex topic.”

Mr Martin Nicho­las Smith, Managing Director

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Reference from KERN m&a advisors on a transaction involving a medium-sized toolmaker

Max Allemann Werkzeug­bau AG impres­sed with clear commu­ni­ca­ti­on and unambi­guous speci­fi­ca­ti­ons. Despi­te the tight time limit, a successful Compa­ny sale within 6 months be implemented.

Mr Andre from KERN alrea­dy convin­ced us when we met him and we were more than confirm­ed in our choice - especi­al­ly when measu­red by the result. We were accom­pa­nied in all steps in a highly commit­ted, speedy and extre­me­ly profes­sio­nal manner. Parti­cu­lar­ly notewor­t­hy is the sensi­ti­vi­ty for our needs and the excel­lent modera­ti­on in this challen­ging task for us. Thanks to his under­stan­ding of our indus­try and his knowledge of the relevant buyer target groups, almost 40 high-calib­re buyers became aware of our compa­ny within a very short time. Thus, it was easy for us to reali­se the best possi­ble succes­si­on plan for our family business after only a few months. We would entrust Mr Andre with such a sensi­ti­ve task again at any time and can only advise every entre­pre­neur to turn to him.”

Mr Beat Allemann and Mr Hugo Allemann

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m&a transaction of Lynet Kommunikation AG as a reference from KERN Unternehmensnachfolge. More successful.

LYNET Kommu­ni­ka­ti­on AG requi­red a change in the share­hol­der struc­tu­re due to age. KERN looked after the comple­te M&A process and led the compa­ny to a successful conclusion.

Thanks to his high level of IT exper­ti­se, Mr Achter­mei­er was always able to talk to us at eye level and thus under­stand our business model perfect­ly. This helped us a lot to find the ideal partner?

Dr. Henning Hach, major shareholder

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A Profes­sio­nal M&A manage­ment consul­ting is the first step for a successful compa­ny purcha­se or sale. With many years of experi­ence and satis­fied custo­mers, KERN is your compe­tent partner every step of the way. To dispel any last doubts, we even offer you a 100% success guarantee.