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KERN ? our name stands for professional and independent consulting services in the field of mergers & acquisitions.

Since 2004, we have been supporting clients in the purchase as well as the sale of companies. Our employees and locations are guided by our mission statement, with the help of which we can Vision of an optimal Transaction consulting implement.

Last but not least, out of conviction for our services, we have a unique M&A Guarantee introduced. We guarantee you an optimal business sale. In the unlikely event that the transaction fails, you are covered at 100 %.

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Definition: Mergers & Acquisitions Meaning

Merger & Acquisition (M&A for short) is an Collective term for various transactions at company level. The German translation "Mergers and Acquisitions" is not common. Other processes are also conceivable, such as business transfers, carve outs or spin offs, in which a business unit is spun off.

Although there is no obligation for advisory services at M&A processes there are, lawyers, tax advisors or auditors are often used for the individual phases of a professional transaction. In addition, experts with transaction experience from consulting firms accompany the planning and monitoring of the entire process.

The field of activity of an M&A consultancy

M&A advice can Cover all phases of a transaction. This begins with the appropriate M&A strategy, continues with the search for a buyer and extends to the signing of the contract.

But even at this point, the services of a consultancy firm's M&A experts are not over: The handover phase after the contract has been signed can bring with it pitfalls and problems in which an experienced partner can provide valuable assistance can.

In the following diagram you can see a rough overview of the flow of an M&A process.

Process graphic for the M&A process

1. M&A strategy

Particular importance must be attached to the M&A strategy. First and foremost are fundamental questions: At what point should a Company acquisition or sale take place? What are the reasons for selling a company? Which issues require a particularly sensitive approach?

Answering such questions requires knowledge about the client. Informative conversations help to develop an appropriate strategy that will M&A transactions with a positive atmosphere for all parties.

2. M&A process

In a M&A process special attention must be paid to each step. In this way, mistakes can be made in the Business valuation affect all subsequent steps. Diligence and thoroughness are always a duty. Only with well-prepared sales documents can an effective buyer search take place.

As it is not compulsory, the Letter of Intent a step that often does not receive the necessary attention. This declaration of intent Confirms the interest of both parties on a smooth transaction.

The Due Diligence is usually initiated by the purchaser and describes a careful examination of the company before the purchase. Not only in name (due diligence means due diligence), the examination should be comprehensive and detailed in every relevant area of the company, so that negotiations can take place on this basis.

Once the contract has been successfully signed, the final step is the handover phase, which can extend over several years depending on the individual case and scope.

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Expertise in a wide range of sectors

M&A Consulting Service Overview KERN

Many years of experience pay off. You benefit from our expertise from successful M&A processes of different industries, including:

  • Automobiles
  • Construction industry
  • Industry
  • Service
  • Electronics
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Trade
  • Media
  • Technology
  • Transport and logistics

The voices of satisfied customers weigh more than our own words. Therefore, you are welcome to see for yourself which positive experiences that customers have made in almost 20 years. successful mergers and acquisitions with us. We have clearly summarised project examples, evaluations and customer opinions for you.

KERN: Your M&A consultancy for medium-sized businesses

M&A transactions often give the impression that they are only relevant for large companies. However, the following also apply to Companies from the SME sector the same risks ? but fortunately also the same opportunities through professional advisors.

  • As the seller of your company, you are interested in a smooth transaction as well as a reasonable sales price
  • As a buyer of a company, you want to know all the business figures, be informed about risks and also pay a fair price
  • In family businesses, heart and memories are in the business; often the Company succession maintain these values. This can also be reflected in the subjective perception of value during purchase price negotiations
  • The spin-off of a corporate division can be an exciting topic, with a new, independent business unit emerging at the end of the process

Good reasons for our M&A management consultancy

The complicated process of a successful M&A transaction requires experience in all details. The advisory services of our advisors are based on numerous satisfied clients since 2004. Here, the following are Professionalism, integrity and reliability are only examples of features that have convinced our customers.

Our mission statement also stipulates that we gain the trust of our customers through appreciation and sustainable solutions. We are long-term oriented and never stop learning.

What to look for when choosing professional M&A advice?

Graphic showing how to recognise professional M&A advice

If you want to advise, you have to show experience. A reliable M&A consultancy should be able to present you with a solid wealth of experience and prove it with convincing references. The right seals of approval also create security and trust.

As M&A advisors, we are members of associations such as theBDU ? Federal Association of German Management Consultants. You can get more information here.

Past M&A transactions of KERN

Our services for professional M&A transactions are also conveyed by our satisfied clients.

Reference from an m&a management consultancy by KERN

hms sonosystems GmbH wanted a sale that would preserve jobs and long-standing customer relationships. KERN accompanied this process and secured a Continuation of the life's work.

I was guided through the process by Mr Rehfuß in a very professional and far-sighted manner right from the start. I would like to emphasise the wealth of experience and technical expertise in this context. Mr Rehfuß supported us competently and professionally with specialist knowledge at every stage of the company takeover. The advice & support was important and helped us in all aspects in this very complex topic."

Mr Martin Nicholas Smith, Managing Director

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Reference from KERN m&a advisors on a transaction involving a medium-sized toolmaker

Max Allemann Werkzeugbau AG impressed with clear communication and unambiguous specifications. Despite the tight time limit, a successful Company sale within 6 months be implemented.

Mr Andre from KERN already convinced us when we met him and we were more than confirmed in our choice - especially when measured by the result. We were accompanied in all steps in a highly committed, speedy and extremely professional manner. Particularly noteworthy is the sensitivity for our needs and the excellent moderation in this challenging task for us. Thanks to his understanding of our industry and his knowledge of the relevant buyer target groups, almost 40 high-calibre buyers became aware of our company within a very short time. Thus, it was easy for us to realise the best possible succession plan for our family business after only a few months. We would entrust Mr Andre with such a sensitive task again at any time and can only advise every entrepreneur to turn to him."

Mr Beat Allemann and Mr Hugo Allemann

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m&a transaction of Lynet Kommunikation AG as a reference from KERN Unternehmensnachfolge. More successful.

LYNET Kommunikation AG required a change in the shareholder structure due to age. KERN looked after the complete M&A process and led the company to a successful conclusion.

Thanks to his high level of IT expertise, Mr Achtermeier was always able to talk to us at eye level and thus understand our business model perfectly. This helped us a lot to find the ideal partner?

Dr. Henning Hach, major shareholder

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A Professional M&A management consulting is the first step for a successful company purchase or sale. With many years of experience and satisfied customers, KERN is your competent partner every step of the way. To dispel any last doubts, we even offer you a 100% success guarantee.

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