Lynet Kommu­ni­ka­ti­on AG - Compa­ny sale


About the company 

LYNET Kommu­ni­ka­ti­on AG is an IT service provi­der with the business segments IT service, inter­net agency, business soluti­ons, consul­ting, hosting as well as hardware and software. The compa­ny was founded in March 1995 by the two main share­hol­ders Dr. Henning Hach and Matthi­as Lohmann. At that time, LYNET Kommu­ni­ka­ti­on AG was one of the Inter­net pioneers in Germa­ny and was one of the first compa­nies ever to make the still young Inter­net techno­lo­gy available to customers.

The task 

Due to an age-related succes­si­on situa­ti­on at one of the two share­hol­ders, the compa­ny was to be sold so that the other share­hol­der could lead the compa­ny into the future together with a strong partner.

The project compri­sed the comple­te M&A process, start­ing with the prepa­ra­ti­on of finan­cials, transac­tion documen­ta­ti­on, buyer identi­fi­ca­ti­on and speeches, as well as negotia­ti­on facili­ta­ti­on, due diligence support and SPA coordination.

What the client says about the project

Dr Henning Hach:

Thanks to his high level of IT exper­ti­se, Mr Achter­mei­er was always able to talk to us at eye level and thus under­stand our business model perfect­ly. This helped us a lot to find the ideal partner?

About the buyer

A number of interes­t­ing inves­tors were found for this compa­ny and submit­ted a non-binding offer.

The decis­i­on was then made in favour of an estab­lished, listed, strate­gic inves­tor who procee­ded profes­sio­nal­ly and could offer interes­t­ing future prospects and sustainable growth.