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Without the view from outside, we would probably never have reached our goal so quickly and safely

In the context of my company succession, the merger with a competitor company was the ideal solution. The KERN team, and especially Mr. Koerber, accompanied us sensitively as a moderator and process facilitator and combined the interests of both negotiating partners well. Without the view from outside and the negotiating experience, we would probably never have reached our goal so quickly and safely!

J.K. Entrepreneur from Berlin , Trade and services

I have enjoyed working with KERN very much

I have very much enjoyed working with KERN and, as a representative of the buyer side, am always pleased when sellers ? especially family businesses ? receive holistic advice and are specifically prepared for a sale.

F.H., responsible M&A manager in NRW , International services group

... how important your topics are and that you were very convincing as a speaker.

Thank you very much for your presentation at our conference. The unanimously positive feedback from the 150 members of the audience confirmed how important your topics are and that you were very convincing as a speaker from KERN.

Lothar Sand , German Publishers and Booksellers Association

... we succeeded in finding exactly the right company for our particular niche

We had our growth strategy accompanied by the specialists from KERN. With a precise target analysis and detailed market research, we succeeded in finding exactly the right company for our particular niche. The effort involved in such a step should not be underestimated. With KERN, we have found professional support. At the same time, the succession problem of the company to be taken over could be solved substantially and in the long term.

W.S., Managing Director from the Frankfurt/Main area , Waste management service provider, market leader in a niche segment

I hope that family businesses will take advantage of your recommendations

Rarely has the feedback from the audience been so unanimously positive! You conveyed the topic authentically and with heart in every respect. I hope that family businesses will take advantage of your recommendations.

Ingrid Marten , Wesermarsch Economic Development

... are surprised what great energies have been released in all of us

Change also means dealing with the culture, the goals, the responsibilities and the "rules of the game" in a company. With KERN, we have embarked on the exciting path of creating our own individual corporate philosophy and have been surprised at the great energies that have been released in all of us. For the benefit of our customers, employees and the entire company. Thanks to KERN for the targeted and professional moderation and development.

G-O.B, entrepreneur from Koblenz , Dealers and service providers in the hardware and software sector

Cooperation in recent months has been characterised by professionalism and trust

The cooperation over the past months has been characterised by professionalism and trust; I, too, have always felt well represented by you, even though I have been not was your client. All the greater the compliment! MANY THANKS!

U.S., entrepreneur and buyer of a company in Bavaria , IT services

Without Karl Rehfuß I would probably have despaired of the story long ago

Without Karl Rehfuß and his often selfless and always optimistic commitment, I would probably have despaired of history long ago. All of us here are really glad to have had exactly this CORE expert at our side in these past difficult times.

Jürgen Bantel

Exciting method for sustainable leadership change

MeinSTABWECHSEL is an exciting method for a sustainable change of leadership in family businesses. With amazing ease, you find your own values and needs.
At the end of the journey, the goal, path and time frame appeared to me as a 3D vision for my personal baton change. So I worked out my ?to do list? myself in the best atmosphere and with the support of KERN.

Klaus-Peter Gust , Entrepreneur

Company sale professionally accompanied and implemented from start to finish

KERN professionally accompanied and implemented my company sale from start to finish. Finding a buyer was surprisingly quick and the subsequent succession process was competently accompanied and moderated at all times.

H-J. N., entrepreneur from Neuss , Germany's largest dealer of a premium brand of copiers and DMSs

... We have achieved our goal and can definitely recommend working with KERN.

The KERN team was recommended to me as part of our company sale and, in retrospect, we are very glad to have received this tip. The negotiation process for the sale was complex, lengthy and sometimes threatened by emotional misunderstandings in the outcome. However, thanks to the great experience and skill of our KERN consultant, we achieved our goal and can definitely recommend working with KERN.

J.F. , Entrepreneur in the Osnabrück area , Trade and technical services

Even the particularly difficult tasks ... were solved optimally

I am happy to have chosen KERN as my advisor in my succession process. In the run-up, I also examined other offers and for me, the seriousness and security of KERN was the decisive criterion. At all times I felt that my KERN ? consultant at all times. Even the particularly difficult tasks, such as financing questions and the drafting of contracts, were solved in the best possible way. From me again and again!

M.M., entrepreneur in the Hanau area near Frankfurt , Market leader for special services and online trading house

KERN has clearly opened a path for my son

KERN's coaching has clearly opened up a path for my son, with which we can now dedicate ourselves together to the project of generational change, in the sense of continuing the family business. We as parents simply cannot convey some things in the same way and help to realise how a professional coach can.

K.V., entrepreneur from Frankfurt , Traders and service providers in the IT segment

Especially the seriousness and professionalism gave me a secure feeling at all times

My pre-selection decision to 100% proved to be the right one. KERN did a really good job from the preparation of my company in an exposé, to the search for buyers, to the facilitation of negotiations and the complete implementation of my succession. In particular, the seriousness and professionalism gave me a secure feeling at all times. Our goal was successfully achieved in a good 8 months. I am happy to recommend KERN to others.

G.O.K., entrepreneur from Hamburg , Service provider with own branch locations

Speed impressive, form always appropriate to the situation, behaviour honest ...

I would like to thank you very much for your support during the sale of the company. The speed was impressive, the form always appropriate to the situation, the behaviour honest and unpretentious ? it couldn't have been better! Thanks to your support, we were able to conclude this project satisfactorily for all of us.

C.K., entrepreneur from the Weser-Ems region , Production company and trading company

Professional and reliable until successful completion

Especially in the difficult phases, my advisor closed the gaps and paved the way for a further negotiation.
Everything was professional and reliable, meetings outside normal business hours were possible at any time.
Professionally, I feel comprehensive and in good hands, the successful conclusion is an expression of KERN competence!


Finally time for a new life plan

Mr Greppmair from KERN assisted me with the sale of my caretaker service in Munich in an always pleasant and very competent manner. In just nine months, he managed to sell my company at a satisfactory price despite falling sales and the Corona crisis. In doing so, he made a decisive contribution to a new life plan that I had longed for for a long time. Many thanks for that!

Stefan Krebs , GEON-Gebäudemanagement

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Born 1963, business graduate, specialisations: Auditing, tax and business law, certified change manager (IHK), certified business coach & business trainer (according to DVCT standard). Expert for company succession, company acquisition, sale and valuation in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Many years of management experience with an international financial services provider. Special expertise: Change management, process optimisation, crisis management and communication, corporate finance, restructuring, strategy development and start-up support.

Experienced routine and expertise from numerous M&A processes on the buyer side and as a consultant for business succession, valuation, acquisition and sale in the SME sector.

Qualified speaker and trainer on the topic of business succession and generational change. 

Member of the "Staff Change Team" of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Lübeck Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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