Censha­re AG- Compa­ny sale

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  • Super­vi­sed by: KERN - Compa­ny Succes­si­on 

About the company 

Munich-based Censha­re AG is a subsi­dia­ry of the DuMont Group with headquar­ters in Cologne. As a platform develo­per, the compa­ny is the market leader for content and marke­ting platforms and serves custo­mers worldwide.

The task 

The group would like to concen­tra­te on its core tasks in the future. There­fo­re, the strate­gic decis­i­on was made to sell the majori­ty stake in the Düssel­dorf-based full service agency Kontrast Commu­ni­ca­ti­on Services GmbH.

Basics webinar presen­ted by Nils Koerber

Compa­ny sale (M&A) without risk and loss of value

The project compri­sed the comple­te M&A process, start­ing with the prepa­ra­ti­on of finan­cials, transac­tion documen­ta­ti­on, buyer identi­fi­ca­ti­on and speeches, as well as negotia­ti­on facili­ta­ti­on, due diligence support and SPA coordination.

What the client says about the project

Project Manager Censhare: 

KERN saved us a lot of stress and coordi­na­ted the process very well. We are very satis­fied with the profes­sio­nal M&A advice from KERN.?

About the buyer

A number of interes­t­ing buyers from the agency environ­ment were found for this company.

The parties have agreed not to disclo­se the buyer’s decision.